Ma's Answers


When will my item ship?

All items are handmade requiring 40 to 50 hours to finish. You will be notify upon your purchase when it is expected to ship out.
Remember all product ship free too! 

You can always send us a message too.  

How to take care of my board


If you have a butcher block, cutting board or even wooden utensils hat have lost their luster, and you want to make it look like new again. This project will be worth your time. Just a little sanding, cleaning and drying, your wood product will come back to life. 


  • Orbital Hand Sander 
  • Sanding paper in grits 80, 100 and      120
  • Paper Towels or soft lien 
  • Popknot board butter 

First, sanded down the entire surface with an 80 grit sandpaper. Change the sandpaper once it is full of dirt, you may have to use more than one. 

Then use a 100 grit sand paper and then finally 120 grit sandpaper for a smooth finish. Once completed it should be feel amazingly smooth. 

Next let’s moisturize the wood. 

Work in Popknot board butter by hand, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Wipe it on the sides, legs and edges, then let it dry overnight, and buff out. 

They should look and feel brand new.  The butter is a mix of bee’s wax and food grade mineral oil which creates a wonderful surface.